Pixeljima 1942

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Pixeljima™ is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up that features retro-style pixel art graphics.

It's quite difficult! Can you master this arcade shooter?

Progression is a big feature of the game, where you collect stars to buy new aircraft, and aircraft upgrades. Stars collected also count towards your air force rank, and you can earn medals. As you get stronger, you will able to force deeper into the levels. Currently with Pacific Force and Coral Sea missions, with more being added.

The game is set in the Pacific theater of World War II in 1942. Famous battles in that theater include the "Battle of the Coral Sea", the "Battle of Midway", through to the "Battle of Iwo Jima" where the game gets its name, "Pixel Jima".

You fly an American Lockheed P-38 Lightning airplane against all kinds of Japanese airplanes including Mitsubishi A6M's and Aichi D3A's. The opposition force gets stronger as you progress through the levels. You fight mini-bosses through levels, end-of-level bosses, and new types of aircraft like helicopters appear. Watch out for ground targets too, and sneaky planes attacking from the side! Once you have bombing capability, you can unlock the Battle of the Coral Sea mission, which is a battle against the ships of a carrier group.

You can control your war bird with the touchscreen (each aircraft has different speeds, levels of speed upgrades, and they slow down when damaged). The plane shoots automatically. Upgrade your hawk to carry bombs under the wings for extra wwii shmup goodness!

- Retro-style pixel art graphics for 80s arcade nostalgia!
- 13 different planes to fly
- Multiple weapon, armor, engine and utility upgrades for each plane
- Collect power ups to increase show power, turret power, and bomb speed
- 2 missions, with multiple levels each, with progressively more difficult enemies
- Full support for phones and tablets
- Leader board and achievements
- Earn stars to buy upgrades and rank up
- Earn medals

If you have any suggestions to make "Pixeljima 1942" even better please tell us!
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