Naval Submarine War Zone

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Dive into the deep sea with the naval submarine war simulator! Be captain of a real submarine in tactical warfare against sea world enemies.

Naval submarine war is an ocean battle game where you can become a real submarine commando. In this submarine simulator in the battle against the enemy warships, cruises and other vessels in a classic naval warfare and help the injured soldiers. Get ready to experience the real time naval action with realistic warfare and navy action game with battle camp simulation. Also experience the submarine racing in the huge ocean.

Experience underwater as naval commander of submarine cruise ships. Feel like participating in world extreme war, feel the thrill and excitement of sinking enemy boats in the pacific rim and avoid touching any mines in minefields in the ocean or the heavy explosion can sink your submarine in the deep ocean rim. Enjoy raging through water in this warship the ultimate military secret weapon to target and attack both sea and aerial crafts with perfection.

Expand your influence and procure the best submarine or battle and its ship to stand up to the ever-increasing machinations in war games. Explore a huge underwater terrain, find the shipwreck, explore caverns, cruise through the islands on the surface, and much more in navy shooter submarine games!

Live the life of a navy army force in underwater extreme 3d environment simulation in a naval submarine war zone! Destroy them, win or enjoy the last seconds of your submarine’s life with viewing realistic sound and explosion effects around you. Conquer enemy seaports and get oil wells by defeating the enemy in underwater huge war arena games.


◆ Thrilling warfare gameplay full of action and strategy.
◆ HD graphics under ocean with mines, boats and cruisers.
◆ Realistic sounds for blast and attacking enemies.
◆ Experience an amazing ride in underwater craft like never before.
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