Galaxy shot -Airplane shooting

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You can fight online or offline.

Cooperate with your friends to complete all the 1945 battles of the Air Force, but you need to defend the galaxy and expel alien spacecraft invasion.
Super shocking and gorgeous perspective: gorgeous starry sky and beautiful pictures of planets, giving you an immersive sense of shock.
Exciting battle: Surpassing the Air Force 1945 during World War II, you will participate in combating targets in every battle.
Challenge the epic boss: When challenging the arduous and fierce epic boss, try to destroy its followers first, or try to avoid their impact.
The perfect shooting game: many spaceships, upgrade your aircraft attributes, ammunition and skills, drone assistance, etc.

Story Background: In the future🌈, with the development of science and technology, human beings will be able to travel farther and farther to the galaxy✨, and they will encounter more and more alien civilizations. In the game, you will become a space shooter. It is your mission to protect the galaxy, expel galaxy invaders and explore the unknown space. What you think now is to join the space super plane war, drive out alien invaders👽 , and protect the galaxy✨. Don't hesitate to be called a space shooter now, the galaxy needs your help!
Drive your super plane through the beautiful space galaxies, find the pure land on earth and defend them.
==How to play? ==
🌟 Move your super plane with your fingers to dodge bullets and attacks flexibly.
🌟Collect gold coins and weapons, upgrade your super fighter, and increase your attack power, defense attributes and health.
🌟 Drive out alien invaders. 🚀
🌟Explore the unknown and more unknown galaxies.
✈️************************************************* ****✈️
Realistic clouds, nebula✨, galaxy✨ effects. It may make you often forget to avoid bullets 🚀 because of the beautiful scenery.
The smooth operation, shocking sense of blow and sound effects will make you feel an extremely shocking space war.
Upgrade or get a more advanced aircraft, you will see the cool aircraft transformation effect, this powerful force will be transmitted from your fingertips to the whole body.
The mothership can also obtain various functions of auxiliary skills, launch cruise missile fire support, provide protective cover for the host, and dispatch multiple drones to assist in the attack. Obtain shield turrets, medical turrets, missile turrets, fury turrets and more.✈️
This is the perfect galaxy galaxy war shooting game you have never experienced before, download the unique super plane with a host now! 🚀
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